Apple to launch $99 iPhone

According to an article published at, Apple might be gearing up for launching a new iPhone priced under $99. This could mean its iPhone sales could go up from 25% to 69% and its world share of SmartPhones go up from 12% to 14%.

The under 99 dollars phone would not be 3G phone, but Apple would also launch a 3G model. The cheaper phone would be considered an "entry level" iPhone.

There are reports that this could lower Apple's profits, however in order to counter that Apple might allow other cell phone companies to carry its iPhone, currently only a very few selected (authorized by Apple) wireless carriers carry the iPhone brand. Apple shares have gone up by 16% for the first quater and are likely to go up even higher after this news is released.

Either way, in our opinion, it could do consumers some good and make the iPhone more affordable !