Apple unveils the new 3GS iPhone and lowers price on older models

Apple corporation has just unveiled its new iPhone called iPhone 3GS. The S stands for speed and 3G denotes the network. Apple has also brought down its price of the iPhone 3G (8 GB) model to only $99.  The new 3GS model boasts better hardware that can provide better graphics rendering and also longer battery life. According to Apple, the new 3GS phone can provide up to 5 hours of  talk time and 9 hours of web browsing experience using the integrated Wi-Fi.

Other new features of the iPhone 3GS are that it can talk back to its user providing voice feedback about things such as which song is currently being played. The built in camera is an improved 3 Megapixel over a 2 Megapixel in previous models, this camera can also capture full motion video at 30 frames per second. The 3GS will cost US$199 for the 16 Gigabyte model and US$299 for the 32 Gigabyte version. The phone is scheduled to become available on 19th of June in US and UK, availability dates outside North America are currently uncertain.

Apple has added another phone to its arsenal, the iPhone, iPod and iTouch devices have been hugely popular, and Apple says it has sold over 40 million of those til today. The cost cutting measure comes as a company wide strategy is implemented to cut costs to the consumers in all its hardware products including notebooks and hand held devices