Backup Restore and Update your drivers using DriverChecker

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to rebuild your machine and had a hard time gathering the required drivers ? Most people think if backing up their data, but not their drivers. In case the machine dies or has to be rebuilt, one often finds running from one machine to another with a USB drive or Floppy, because that network and other drivers they needed did not work.

In this article we would introduce you to the Driver Checker utility that would backup all your Windows drivers and restore them when you need them. Not only this, the utility has a built in functionality to check for any driver updates and update your drivers as per an automated scheduled task.

How to install:

- Download Driverchecker program from

- Choose all default options and install

Start scan:

- On the overview screen,
it would show you any
outdated drivers that you
might have


- Choose the devices you want to backup the drivers for, click next


- Click on the Backup button to start the backup


- Choose Drivers save location and click next (eg; C:\temp\driversbackup)


- The backup would now start


Click OK on backup finished


- Browse to the folder location that you specified to backup all your drivers to, they should all be backed up and filed under their respective categories and folders

You can now copy this backup folder to a network location, burn it to a CD or copy it on a USB drive so you can have it handy when you need to restore the drivers on your machine or if you are re building your machine from scratch. The software also gives you the capability to check for driver updates, but for this you need to register on their web site

- To restore drivers on a newly installed machine, install DriverChecker software on that machine and then click on the restore button, choose the drivers you want to restore and click next


- Provide the location of your backup files and click next to start the restore process

Under the options tab, there are several different features available, most notably the ability to do scheduled update scans to see if new drivers are available, do maintenance on your computer and automatically shutdown or reboot