Best free Alternative to Norton Ghost for imaging your machines

Image Creation Process Starts

Step 7:

-  The Image Creation process is started with the progress and remaining time shown at the bottom


Boot from UBCD for Restore

Step 8:

-  To restore the whole C: drive which is also the boot drive, you will need to boot with an alternate boot CD and not from the OS on your C: Drive, we used the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows to do this


Start Drive Image XML

Step 9:

- Launch Drive Image XML


Map a network drive

Step 10:

- Map a network drive to a network location where you will store your Drives image (in Our case it will be W:\CeleronImage)


Click on Restore Tab and Highlight The Partition You want to restore

Step 11:

- Click on the Restore tab and then click on the partition or drive you want to restore (C:) click next