Bittorrent based TV is coming with Tribler

Torrent technology has become so popular that now Bittorrent based TV is coming. Did you know that a lot of popular entertainment studios and news channels like BBC are making their content available to end users using bittorrent? The reason bittorrent is so attractive is because it presents the end user with an "on demand" experience, rather than to wait for a regional release of a popular TV soap (like Desperate House Wives), folks in Australia for example can already download current episodes from the United States Community. Tribler is one such company, which intends to bring Torrents to "traditional TV sets". When integrated with TV sets, users would be able to navigate, use and control Tribler with just a remote

You can download the Tribler client from its website located at; the client is available for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. The difference with Tribler client (still in Beta) is that it would be able to integrate with settop boxes and stand alone devices. It is different than other Torrent engines like and because its community driven, meaning, you can have groups and buddies online, you can share content and messages among each other, you can tell how other how you rate movies, your likes and dislikes etc.

Unlike traditional Torrent servers where the torrents are tracked by one central server, the keyword search results and torrents in Tribler will be served from within the peer to peer network of Tribler clients. You can also include YouTube and Liveleak content. You can sort and browse results by category, relevancy, quality and for the number of seeders. The coolest feature is the built in media player, which allows you to start watching your content as soon as the download starts (if the content is being seeded heavily).

This is definitely the future, and providing the on-demand content through the internet or a private network does sound like a viable option that end users would not mind to explore! Check out Tribler today at