Cannot connect to NFS shares from UBUNTU using FSTAB

When you install UBUNTU 8, and try and connect to a NFS shares using FSTAB, the shares are not mounted to the local folders on the machine.

There are two reasons why this would happen:

1. Your Syntax for NFS share in FSTAB is wrong


2. NFS traffic for client and server is not working because you do not have nfs-common, nfs-kernel-server and portmap packages install.

To fix # 1, you can just consult the man pages, to fix # 2, go to the Synaptic Software Manager and install the nfs-common, nfs-kernel-server and portmap packages. When you do this, additional dependencies such as livevent1, libgssglue1, libnfsidmap2, libpcsecgss3 also might get installed