Check your browser compatibility in 70 browsers for free

Are you a web developer or do you own a blog? Have you always wanted to know how your site or web page looks like in other browsers other than what you have on your machine? Browser compatibility is crucial to target and reach the biggest possible user base on the internet, since not all browsers conform to same standards, your website my look different on different browser (for example from Internet Explorer to Firefox and Opera) or even a lower version of the same browser.

Browsershots is an open source free web site that lets you check your web site's browser compatibility with more than 70 different internet browsers (you can pick and choose which browsers you want to test). When you submit your web page to this site, the site takes screenshots of your web design in different browsers for free and shows it to you, you can then download them to see them offline.

This all happens with a distributed network of computers that open your web page in different browsers, take a screenshot and then upload the screenshot back to the browsershots website. The site hosts a "site showcase" which would let registered members (free registration) add their website to be shown to others in the showcase.

The borwsershots websites can be reached at