Computer virus strikes US Marshals and FBI

A computer virus has seemed to have effected the US Marshals and the FBI according to a report published by the Associated Press. The report states that the law enforcement computers were struck by a mystery virus Thursday, May the 22nd, forcing the US Marshals and FBI to shut down a part of their network.

It was the "external unclassified" network of the FBI that was effected, and they were investigating activity similar to the virus that had effected the US Marshals computers. On Thursday, the US Marshall's office had shut down their internet access and and partly some access to email for internal staff.  The US Marshall's office also disconnected from the Justice Department's computers as a precautionary measure.

To maintain high reliability and security agencies such as these maintain a public and private networks, in this case no harm was done to the "private" network. Both agencies however claim that no data was compromised. The nature of the computer virus is still unknown.