Create a self destructing email address

So you go to a website for downloading some drivers, obtaining some information etc and you find out that they want you to provide your email address so that they can email something to you.
Like an honest and cowly person, you provide your email address only to come to know that your email address has been sold, shared or provided to 1000's of other parties and now you are getting tons of unsolicited email or SPAM every day.

There is a simple solution to fight this spam issue, you can generally tell which companies are asking your email address for SPAMING you later, these don't even have a Privacy Policy, let alone a pretty slimy one. The 10 minute mail solution comes to the rescue!

Yes, you can instantly get an email address for 10 minutes from this web site and what's cool is that you don't have to configure your email clients etc at all, any emails coming to the temporary account the website generates, shows up right on the web page. Whats even cooler that you can keep extending this email account if you still have not recieved your email!

Give it a try today, it does work !