Free eBooks on almost every topic

I just wanted to share with you all, this cool web site I found. Its called , you can find free eBooks on almost any topic here. I was most interested in IT books and it has a good enough section on electronic IT magazines and books. Note that these eBooks are the same books and magazines you will find in a book store but instead of being on a paper back they are in electronnic media (mostly pdf format files). All the ebooks within this site are legal downloadable free ebooks and have been collected from all over the net. If you have your own eBook or White Paper, you can submit that at this website too!

Some of the good sections I came across are as follows:

Free Trade Magazines, IT books and magazines, including Oracle, Information Week, Website Magazine, Javascript etc:

Whitepapers on Computer Technology, electronics, hardware and virtualization:

IT Security threats:

There is a lot to explore, the site navigation is not that good, so you might have to dig a bit to get to what you want, but its worth a visit, do have a look at