Free IT management and HelpDesk software

One of the great finds I have come across is SpiceWorks! This is an awsome HelpDesk software that lets you do your trouble ticket tracking, network monitoring, device inventory, software inventory, asset reporting.

On top of this, it is also a HelpDesk & IT Portal. From the portal, users can submit a trouble ticket (they can also do it by email) and track its progress. You can share answers, product reviews and advice through this great product.

The best part, its absolutely free, thats right, this is not a time limited version or a "lite" or a cut down version. It is a full featured and not a time limited version. It generates its revenue by showing some very non obtrusive ads. If companies want to replace the ads with their own logo, there is a $20 per month fee.

This is a great alternative to all the expensive HelpDesk software out there. Check it out, its available at: