GMail turns five years old today - a look back in history

It was today five years back that GMail was launched as a Beta service, much in its infancy yet very powerful. GMail broke away from the traditional folder structure and introduced labels to better organize your mail. Most online email services such as Hotmail, Rocketmail and even Yahoo use to only provide 5 Megabytes of online storage space for your mail and Gmail started with a GIG. What was even worse? There was no POP3 access to download your mail (as a matter of fact Microsoft only allowed POP3 access to Hotmail a few days back, read our article about that at )

Gmail taught people for the first time that they do not need to delete or organize its email in folders, rather just use its search technology to find your conversations. This was also the first time that Google introduced its "contextual advertising" in Email, where Google bots would scan your emails for relevant keywords and serve advertisements accordingly. This was a bit controversial first as people thought of privacy issues but it was soon realized that the scans are done by automatic script bots, not human, no privacy was infringed by humans.
Soon GMail was to become the number one online email provider, with its slick and fast interface, users were much impressed with non intrusive, non pop up based ads. GMail soon pioneered adding video chat and instant messaging capabilities within. While most online email providers have gone stagnant in providing new features, GMail continues to march ahead, the latest and the coolest Gmail feature being "undo send”, where you can recall an email you had already sent. Offline email access is another great feature in addition to Tasks, and now the latest Voice Mail!

Happy Birthday Gmail and Thank You! You truly are the greatest!