Google changes its homepage design

Google has finally changed its home page design today. When you go to or , you do not get to see all the links that Google use to offer on its home page. As part of a better web page design, the Google search home page does not show all the links until you move your mouse. When you move your mouse, the links appear on top of the search box. You can click on the thumbnail image on your left hand side to see how the page looks initially. The search options toolbar above and below the search box with web, Google images, Google video, Google maps, Google news, gmail and more appear first and then the advertising programs and business solutions links at the bottom. The fade in effect has been introduced by Google so that people can "notice" a change on the home page, even if its for milliseconds, as well as, it gives a broader search box, keeping the minimalistic design in mind. Google Blog calls it "Now you see it, now you don't"

Also, if you ever wanted to look at all the different logos that Google has published, you can check out our previous post about all the different Google Logos at . The above news can be read in detail on Google's official blog at