How many days are left in my Windows Trial

How many days are left in my Windows TrialOften when you install a trial version of Windows, Windows Server operating system or a server application from Microsoft, you get a grace period of so many days before your trial version expires and you have to reinstall Windows or your server application. In this article we will show you how you can find out how many days have you left in your Windows trial, if your version of Windows is activated or how many days are left before its mandatory to activate Windows. We will also show you a cool trick which lets you know on what date you installed your operating system.

Trial versions of Windows are fairly a common place in home use environments where home users simply want to try out the new version before migrating to it. In corporate or business environments, its more common to have trial versions of Windows Server operating systems or Application servers where IT and support personnel do their testing.
Here are the commands you can give from an administrative command prompt to get information about the following things:

1. To tell the install date of Windows, give the following command exactly and it will give you the date you first installed Windows on that machine:
systeminfo|find /i "install date"

How to tell the install date of Windows on your system

2. The following command will let you know how many days are left in your trial, it takes a minute or two to come up. Note that in my case I am not running a trial version of Windows, so it shows me in the pop up, that my version is licensed and won't expire:
slmgr.vbs -dli

Command to tell you how many days have you got left in your Windows trial

3. The following command will tell you, how many days left before needing for activation, in our case the pop up shows that this machine is permanently activated
slmgr.vbs -xpr

Command to tell how many days you have remaining before you need to activate windows