How to add subtitles to any movie website screen shotIf you are a home theater enthusiast and you watch movies on your PC or Home Theater PC, you must have come across a need to have subtitles for a movie that did not come with those. In this article we will show you a quick step by step guide on how to get the subs and work them with your movie. If you have DivX capable DVD player, you can burn the movie (avi or other video file) along with the subtitles files and enjoy it on your DVD player. The website provides subtitles for most movies out there and their collection is growing every day, thanks to some dandy volunteers!


 According to their site is a project aiming at creating the universal collection of subtitles to all and any video materials in all possible languages. The project is supported through advertisement and donations. The Subs come from the volunteers. Subtitles are really important because they can help you understand good movies that are out there but are done in  foreign language. Sometimes, subtitles are just important because of a soft spoken dialogue or the fact that you are in a situation where you can not have play your TV too loud.

So how does it work ? Its simple, just follow these steps:

1. Go to the website and search for the movie you want the subs for

2. Find the right language, most times English but they also have other

3. Download the zip file and extract the contents of the file to the same folder where your movie is located.

4. The subtitles you need either need to be idx+sub format or .srt format. Please note that it is very important that your movie filename is exactly the same as your subtitle files. For example, for a movie called Mera Dil, the Video file name should be MeraDil.avi, the subtitle files should be or MeraDil.idx + MeraDil.sub

That is it, now you are ready to play your movie on your computer or on your DVD player. For a media player for your computer we recommend VLC Media Player as a preferred choice, which has automatic integration on how to play subtitles and does not need to download any extra codecs to play most content.

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