How to backup your Gmail FaceBook Twitter Flicker Google Docs and other online accounts

Backupify online backup service for FaceBook, Gmail, Google Docs, Twitter, FlickerIn this article we will show you how to back up all your data from online services such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Google Docs, Delicious, Flicker etc using a cloud based backup service. One click and you will be able to backup all your messages, documents, photos, status updates, links, friend and contact information. Backing up these accounts and their data is specially necessary in case your account is hacked, compromised or gets deleted due to some reason such as somebody malicious using your account to violate the terms of service and acceptable use policy by these popular online services

If somebody steals your password and causes permanent damage by deleting your data and documents, the backup service comes in very handy. Backupify is one such service, its  backup service is a very reliable that uses Amazon's cloud based web services cluster for all its data. You can also maintain backup copies of your data in the cloud based backup, so that you can go to an earlier version of the document if needed. The service is being offered free for now as a promotion until January 31st 2009 and the offer may continue beyond

Signup for an account at Backupify


- Create your free online account at a secure cloud based web server with Amazon


Choose the services you want to backup like flicker twitter google docs and gmail

Step 2:

- Click on Service Settings for the services you want to back up by clicking on Manage next to the Service Name, we choose FaceBook, Twitter, Google Docs and Flicker


Customize services like FaceBook, Twitter, Flicker, Google Docs and Gmail

Step 3:

- Customize any service settings, for example for FaceBook, Flicker, Twitter, Google Docs. It will ask you what all do you want to backup, photos, friends, statuses, links etc and click Save


Add a Delicious account as well

Step 4:

- We added a Hotmail Account as well for our cloud based backup service


Add a Delicious account as well

Step 5:

-  A Delicious Account to be backed up to the cloud as well


Choose Backup Settings, we chose once daily

Step 6:

-  At the bottom of the screen, choose your backup settings. We choose Daily and also Email me once a daily digest of backup activity


Click on Archives Tab and Choose Your Service to lookup

Step 7:

-  Clck on the Archives Tab and choose the service you want to look for its backup data