How to change the remote desktop listening port on Windows seven

How to change the remote desktop port on Windows SevenIn this article we will explain how to change the default remote desktop port on Windows Seven to a custom port. The default port is TCP 3389 but a lot of systems administrators like to change this due to a variety of reasons. The biggest reason is to hide it as a "visible" port for hackers to attack, as hackers normally target to most obvious ports to gain access to a system. Another reason for changing the default RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) listening port could be that you want to avoid or bypass firewall restrictions, often put in place on outgoing and incoming connections to a remote or local machine.

To change the default listening port for remote desktop, follow these instructions step by step:

1. Log on to the machine as a local administrator

Run Regedit

2. Run regedit by typing "regedit" in the Start -> Search box and hit enter. If UAC warning comes up, click on Yes to run the program

Navigate to RDP Registry Key

3. Navigate to HKey_Local_Machine -> System -> CurrentControlSet -> Control -> TerminalServer -> Winstations -> RDP-TCP

Change the port number for default RDP port

4. Change the Port Number key to reflect the value of the new custom port you want to provide it. In our example we are making this to be 7900. Make sure the Base is set to Decimal. Close registry editor

Use Remote Desktop client with custom rdp port at end

5. Now you can remote desktop to your target computer by providing the computer name and IP suffixed by 7900 as the new port number