How to configure and install FileZilla FTP server

The following article explains how to install the FileZilla FTP server on a Windows machine (XP, VIsta, 2000 or server 2003) so that it can run as a service. You can configure various other options such as quotas and upload / download limits, this article just shows you the bare minimum required for a corporate or home environment.

-   Download Filezilla server from
-    Start install
-   Choose Custom install with Filezilla server, Admin interface, Start Menu Shortcuts and Desktop Icon selected
-   Choose default install directory, C:\Program Files\FileZilla Server
-   For FileZilla startup type choose, “Install as Service, started with Windows” , change the admin interface port of FileZilla to 20000
-   For server interface, choose the default choice which is “Start if the user logs on, apply to all users (default)”
-   Go under Filezilla server options -> Logging and check enable logging and choose “use a different log file each day”
-  On the Autoban option, check “Enable Auto ban” with 10 bad tries
-  Go to Admin intefcace settings and change the password there
-   Create the Groups needed first and assign directories and permissions to them
-   Create the users next, assign them to the appropriate group to have the right permissions, do not add directories and permissions to users directly
-  Make sure local and external firewalls allow incoming Port 21 TCP (For FTP Data port) and incoming Port 22 UDP (for FTP control port)