How to configure Wake On Lan to work behind a router

Wake on Lan (WOL for short or sometimes called RWU for Remote Wake Up) uses UDP port 9.

If you are behind a router and want to allow Wake On Lan packets to go through, make sure you forward UDP port 9 to the broadcast address, this is because a computer does not get an IP address until its booted up, and the magic packet needs to be sent to all the computers in the subnet (hence the broadcast). When the WOL packet is sent, it contains the MAC address of the machine you want to wake, so only that machine would respond to the broadcast and wake up.

In typical scenarios on a class C subnet (subnet of 255 machines), the broadcast is done by forwarding UDP port 9 to the address (Typical default for D-Link routers) or sometimes (Typical Default for LinkSys routers)

You can download the free Fusion Wake on Utility from

Once you have configured your router to forward the Wake On Lan packets correctly, you can even wake up your machine from the internet by going to , you must of course know the IP address of your router here as well as the MAC address of the machine you want to wake up.