How to connect to Hotmail using Outlook 2007

How to connect to Hotmail using Outlook 2007In this article we will show you how to connect to your Hotmail account using Outlook 2007 so that you are able to send, receive and manage (including setting up rules, permanently delete email, manage your calendar and manage junk mail features) as if your were logged on to your Windows Live Hotmail site online. Previously, you could just go to the Tools -> Accounts menu in Outlook 2003 or 2007 and add your hotmail account just by specifying your email address and password and the client had the capability to auto configure the settings. This procedure however was changed when Hotmail migrated to the Windows Live Format

Traditionally starting with Outlook 2003, it use to offer HTTP based connectivity to Hotmail so that you could view your emails and folder structure in your Outlook client and you could also manage your account. This procedure changed when Hotmail was merged to the Windows Live format and we have detailed step by step on how to connect to your Hotmail account using Outlook 2007 below

Download the Outlook Data Connector from Microsoft


- First thing you need to do is go to the Microsoft Office Online website and download the Outlook Data Connector from 


Download from Microsoft Download website

Step 2:

- Clicking on the download link above will take you to the Microsoft download center, where you must download the OutlookConnector.exe file which is 4.4 MB (scroll all the way down on the page to find the download button)


Close Outlook run the Outlook Data Connector EXE and say yes to the agreement

Step 3:

- If you have Outlook open, close it then run the executable file you just downloaded, accept the agreement when presented and click Continue


Click Next on Outlook Data Connector setup Wizard

Step 4:

- Click Next on the Outlook Connector Setup Wizard to start


Enter your user information and company name in Outlook Data Connector Wizard

Step 5:

-  Put in your user information as well as company name if applicable