How to connect to irc using ircII with a specified nick and server

To connect to a server called with the nick called iamatester you can give the following command at your shell prompt:

irc iamatester

You can also export variables to your profile temporarily for your session, so you only need to type irc next time on, and you will connect to the specified server with specified nick. The following command will export the nick as iamatester and the server to your profile:

export IRCNICK=iamatester

After you give the above command, all you have to do is type "irc" (without quotes) and you will be connected as iamatester to the server

To make the changes permanent, you can edit your .profile file (usually ~/.bash_profile or ~/.zprofile) and put the following line in it permanently and save it:


Similarly, just like the example above, you can also specify the "IRCNAME" and "IRCUSER" variables for your IRC sessions. The "IRCNAME" is the name that appears in your /whois output and the "IRCUSER" is what appears before the @ sign in your /whois