How to create a WinPE Boot Disk

How to create a Windows PE Boot Disk from WAIKWindows PE or Windows Preboot Environment is a very important tool used to troubleshoot problems with Windows machines or to create and deploy Windows images. Just like the popular Symantec Ghost or Acronis TrueImage product, Windows PE can do a lot more than just capture and deploy Windows images to build new machines in a corporate environment. It is an indispensable tool if you are using Windows Deployment Services or any other Windows based technique to install Windows Seven in a corporate or SOHO environment. In this article we will go over step by step on how to create a Windows PE bootable disk from the Windows Automated Installation Toolkit or WAIK

The first step is to install WAIK (Windows Automated Installation Toolkit) on your machine. WAIK is a very powerful free tool from Microsoft that assists you greatly in deploying machines in your corporation or SOHO environments. If you want to find out how to install WAIK or want to know more about it, follow our step by step article on How to install WAIK

- Launch Deployment Tools Command Prompt from WAIK as and Admin

launch the Deployment tools command prompt from WAIK as an Admin

- Run the command copype.cmd as "copype.cmd x86 C:\WinPE" this will copy all the required files to C:\WinPE directory Note that the C:\WinPE must not exist already

Issue the CopyPE command from WAIK

- Mount the Winpe.wim image in the C:\WinPE\Mount folder in read write mode to add features to it by issuing the following command:
 imagex /mountrw C:\winpe\winpe.wim 1 C:\winpe\mount

Mount the WinPE Image to add features