How to create network diagrams online for free

Create Network Diagrams Online For FreeIn this article we will show you how to create free network diagrams online without using any custom software. You can use this tool to create other diagrams such as Org Charts, Sitemaps, Flowcharts etc. This tool is no replacement for complex Network Diagram software such as Microsoft Visio or Dia, but it will get you by in a jiffy. It is very easy and online, available to you for free from any machine and from anywhere on the internet. Once you get used to it, you can create complex drawings very easily. The tool even has an Export feature which will let you export your network diagrams and other drawings to other formats such as .png or .jpg. So lets get started!

Register Online on Lovely Charts Website

Go to and click on the register now button, fill out the details and register. A registration code will be sent to your email address which you will need to enter

Choose Network Diagrams on the Welcome Screen

On the Welcome screen, choose Network Diagrams

Library of Network Diagram Symbols

On the left hand you will see a library of Network Symbols to choose from

You can Edit any label on the grid by double clicking on it

You can edit any label by double clicking on it

Drag and drop icons from the library to the grid

You can drag and drop symbols on the Grid from the Library and also move them around by holding the right click button while dragging them