How to create network diagrams online for free

Click on File Save As and Provide a Name for your Network Diagram

Click on File -> Save As and provide your network diagram with a name

Click on the Create and Connect Icon on the Tools bar

To connect the symbols with wires, click the Create and Connect icon on the tools bar

How to connect the network symbols on your network diagram

To Connect two items together, choose the first item by clicking on it then drag your mouse to the second item you want to connect to

You can export the network diagram chart to a .png or .jpeg format

You Can export your chart to a PNG or JPG format by choosing File -> Export

You can print the network diagram by right clicking anywhere on the grid and choosing print

You can also choose to Print the Network Diagram by right clicking anywhere on the grid and choosing Print

How to obtain help for Lovely Charts

To obtain Help on a topic click on the Help menu then click on Help again. On the Window that pops up, click on a main topic such as "Basics" then to look at the sub topics click on one of the black navigation arrows

We hope this has been of help to you. If you use any other piece of freeware software to do your Network Diagrams, please do share your comments and feedback with us