How to disable hibernation in Windows Seven

The easiest way to disable hibernation in Windows Seven is to run the following command from an elevated (started with admin priveleges) command prompt:

powercfg –h off

This will also delete the hiberfil.sys file in the root of your C: drive. Note that Hiberfil.sys is a system files and in order to see it, you need to have "show protected operating system files" option turned on in Windows Explorer.

The above command is also the only way to get rid of the hiberfil.sys file which can be quite large in size depending upon how much RAM you have gotten installed.

The second way to turn off hibernation in Windows Seven is to go through Control Panel, then click on Power Options and then click on "Change Plan settings" link next to your selected power plan.

On the Edit plan settings page, click Advanced power settings and then Expand Sleep -> Hibernate After -> set this to Never.