How to download a free trial version of Windows Seven

How to Download a free trial and evaluation version of Windows SevenIn this article we will show you step by step, how to download a trial (evaluation) version of Windows Seven Enterprise. You can download a 90 day free trial version of Windows Seven Enterprise from Microsoft's Technet site, if you are an IT professional and want to try out Windows Seven. The minimum system requirements for Windows Seven Enterprise are no different than Windows Seven Professional or Ultimate. After 90 days of use, you are expected to buy a working version of Windows (see my note towards the end of this article for some caveats). This download is available only for a limited period till March 31st, 2010 so hurry up and download if you are willing to try out Windows Seven

Go to the Microsoft Technet URL located at and read the minimum system requirements and who can download this version of Windows

Select the version of Windows Seven Enterprise you want to download (32 bit or 64 bit), choose your language and hit the next button

Step 3:
Sign in with your Microsoft Passport email ID and password

Step 4:
Fill in the information form as requested, these questions include your name, profession, what version of windows are you running, your purpose of downloading Windows 7 and if you need to subscribe to a newsletter. Not all fields and questions are mandatory but it seems the download is available for IT professionals only, so if you chose to say Tech Enthusiast instead of IT Worker, the download will not be available, so make your selection carefully in the form. Then click on Continue

You will be asked to confirm your email address, then hit continue

A Java downloader will start and you will start to download, provide a download location and fil name for the .iso image download of Windows Seven Enterprise

The download is 2.24 GB in size and can take a while to download depending upon your connection speed

Once the download is complete, you are ready to install. You will need to burn the .iso image to a DVD. If you need help on how to burn a .iso image to a DVD, you can look at our article about burning an .iso image to DVD using a free tool called CD burner XP. If you are already on Windows7 then you need to just right click on the file and say burn image to CD.

There is no key included with the download, its embedded in the download. Windows Seven install will not ask you for a key during the install process. However, remember that Windows must be activated within 10 days of your install, otherwise Windows will keep shutting down every hour.

You are expected to buy Windows after 90 days of evaluation is over. If you run out of time, Windows will restart every hour. Keep in mind that Windows Seven Enterprise is not available through Retail outlets. So, if you are planning on keeping the same install, without having to re-install drivers etc, make sure you don't install this on a production machine, use it for trial purposes only