How to Enable Telnet in Windows 7

How to Enable Telnet Command in Windows SevenWindows 7 does not offer the Telnet command by default. If you want to be able to Telnet to other servers using a Windows Seven machine, you need to enable the Telnet client. This step by step article shows you how to enable the Telnet Client in Windows Seven. You might need administrative access on the machine for enabling this. You also have the option to do a "Run-As" command and run the following procedure as an administrator while logged on as a non-privileged user


Step 1: Open a command prompt window by clicking on Start -> Accessories and then Command Prompt

Click on Start Button then on Accessories and then on Command Prompt

Step 2: If you attempt to telnet to a server now, Windows will complaint that Telnet is not a valid command

Telnet is not a recognized command by default in Windows Seven

Step 3: Click on Start Button, then on Control Panel. In Control Panel click on Programs. If your view does not look like the one shown on the thumbnail, click on "View By" Category on the top left hand corner

Click on Control Panel then on Programs

Step 4: On the next screen, choose "Turn Windows Features On or Off"

Click on Turn Windows Features On or Off

Step 5: On Windows Features list, scroll down until you find Telnet Client. Check Telnet Client and hit OK

From the Windows Features List choose Telnet Client

Step 6: Try Telnetting to a server again using the Command Prompt as in Step 2. This time you will not get an error message about Telnet being an unrecognized or invalid command

Try to Telnet from a Windows Seven Machine to a Telnet Server