How to find your lost phone

How to find your lost phoneYou just finished watching a movie at home and you are sleepy, you are expecting an important phone call early morning but suddenly you realize that you have lost your phone at home, you don't know where is your cellphone or handset! In the past we have showed you some cool phone phreaking tricks, such as how to spoofyour caller id when you call someone. In another cool trick and part of our Friday fun, we introduce you to another cool and helpful trick, which helps you locate your phone using the internet. This one can definitely come in handy one day.

At that moment on 3 AM, I was just wishing if I had another phone line and if I could call myself so my phone would ring and I will find out where it is. Well, the wish came true, the website I Cant Find My Phone, will dial your phone number for you so you receive an actual call on your phone. All you have to do is go to and put in your phone number. The cool thing is that this service is absolutely free and is not just limited to Canada or the US! So give it a try today!

I Cant Find My Phone Website