How to install and configure the free Microsoft Security Essentials Anti Virus and Anti Spyware software

 Default Actions configuration screen in Microsoft Security Essentials

On the Default Actions setting you can choose what action to take depending upon severity of an event, such as Remove Threat, Quarantine or Allow. We recommend leaving this setting to Recommended Action (default)

 Real time action should be turned on in Microsoft Security Essentials

On Real Time Action setting, make sure its turned on by checking the "Turn On Real Time Protection" check box

Excluded files settings in Microsoft Security Essentials Anti Virus software

Excluded files and locations setting let you make exceptions to files and locations you don't want to scan

Excluded File Types Setting

Excluded File Types setting let you exclude files for scanning by their file extension types, for example .bat for Batch files

Excluded Processes screen in Microsoft Security Essentials

You can exclude certain computer processes from real time scan here

Advance options in Microsoft Security Essentials anti spyware software

On the Advanced Options setting, you can choose to Scan Archive files (for example scan inside .zip files). An important option here is to Scan Removable Drives such as your USB thumb drives and floppy disks, we recommend turning this option on. Another option to make note of is to Create A Restore Point which allows to create a restore point before cleaning up the computer, its your discretion to turn this off or on

Microsoft Spynet

The Final setting is of Microsoft Spynet, you can opt for either a Basic Membership or a Full Membership.

Your Microsoft Security Essentials is now fully configured and you can sleep assured your machine is safe against viruses, malware and Trojans :) Please do share your feedback and comments!