How to install APC PowerChute Network Shutdown software on ESX Server

The following is a step by step how to on how to install the APC PowerChute Network Shutdown software on an ESX Server. We would assume the name of the ESX server here to be TestESXServer

Before you start open ports 3052 and 6547 udp and tcp on the ESX server. To do this, SSH to the ESX server and give the following commands (without quotes):
esxcfg-firewall -o 3052,udp,in,apcups”
“esxcfg-firewall -o 3052,udp,out,apcups”
“esxcfg-firewall -o 3052,tcp,in,apcups”
“esxcfg-firewall -o 3052,tcp,out,apcups”
“esxcfg-firewall -o 6547,tcp,in,apcups”
“esxcfg-firewall –q”

Copy the required APC software files from your hard drive to TestESXServer, this is a two step process.

First, open your VMWare infrastructure client and connect to the VMWare control server.

Second, highlight the TestESXServer and click on the Summary tab, then right click the TestESXServer:storage1 datastore and choose “browse datastore” . Create a new folder in the datastore call it APCInstallFiles

-         Upload the required install files from the C: drive to this folder, browse to and upload the jre150_13_linux.tar.gz, pcns223.tar.gz and files to the Datastore
-         Give the following command on the TestESXServer to create an install directory inside the temp folder:
“mkdir /tmp/APCInstallFiles”
-         Find out where the files have been uploaded on to the ESX server, to do this give the following commands on the ESX server:
“cd /”
“find –name jre*”
You would see that it returns a location like vmfs/volumes/479e3fa6-917ddb66-07ce-001f2965dc08/
-         Copy the files we uploaded in previous steps to this new folder by using the following command:
“cp /vmfs/volumes/479e3fa6-917ddb66-07ce-001f2965dc08/*.* /tmp/APCInstallFiles/”
-         Make sure you are in the install directory on the ESX server by giving the command “cd /tmp/APCInstallFiles/”
-         Change the permissions on the file so that you can run it as root, give the following command:
“chmod 777”
-         Start the install by giving the following command:
-         The script will start, answer the questions as asked:
For PCNS instance number choose the default value of 1
Choose the default directory for installation /opt/APC/PowerChute
Answer yes to the confirmation prompt for the installation dir
Press Enter to installed the Java version
Script will now complete
-         Change to the PowerChute directory by giving the command:
“cd /opt/APC/PowerChute/group1/”
-         Run the script by giving the command:
-         When asked about configuration type enter 1 “a single UPS device”
For Management Card IP enter the IP address of the Management Card Interface (UPS)
Hit Enter for the default port (80)
Enter the Administrator User Name
Enter the password for the administrator account
Enter the authentication phrase
When asked Do you wish to register these settings, choose yes
It will now come back after a minute or two confirming successful registration.
When asked Do you wish to Start the PowerChute Network Shutdown Service, choose Yes
-         Configuration is now complete
-         You can connect to the ESX server on its ip address e.g. https://TestESXServer:6547/