How to install SSH server in Ubuntu

This is a step by step article on how to to install the SSH server on an Ubuntu desktop distribution. The default install of Ubuntu does not include the SSH server installed by default. You can follow these steps to install the SSH daemon and get it working, so you can connect to your Ubuntu box remotely using SSH.


The following was tried and tested on the latest Long Term Support Ubuntu distribution of Ubuntu 8.10 with Kernel version 2.6.27-7 but the process is largely the same for any major Ubuntu distribution.



- Open a terminal window (click on Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal)


Step 2:

- Check to see if sshd is already installed by typing sshd


Step 3:

- As per the instruction type "apt-get install ssh openssh-server" without the quotes to start the install, type in the root password as asked by sudo


Step 4:

- Apt will now download and install the server, when finished you will see the [OK] prompt


Step 5:

- Determine the ip address of this machine by typing "ifconfig" (without quotes) and hit enter, the ip address is shown next to the "inter addr" string.

You are now ready to use a SSH client like Putty to connect to this ip address using SSHD

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