How to install Ubuntu as a virtual machine on VMWare server

Click on the console tab of VMWare server

Click on the Console tab

On the console tab click on the Play button as well as click inside the console

On the console tab for the VM, click the power on button to start the VM and then click anywhere inside the Console to open the console in a separate Windows

Choose default and English as language

Choose Default English as language and hit enter. The default option is to "Try Ubuntu without any change to hard drive", choose this by hitting enter and you will soon boot to your Ubuntu Desktop

Your Ubuntu Desktop is now on

Your Ubuntu Desktop is now displayed. No changes will be saved since you are trying out the version booted in from a CD

Bios boot order for the virtual machine

Also, if your virtual machine does not start into Ubuntu into next reboot and instead shows you no boot device found message. It means your BIOS boot order does not have the CD listed before the hard drive. You need to change this, to do this, when your machine is booting up, click inside the console and hit F2 to get to the BIOS. If you miss getting into BIOS, don't worry, hit Ctrl+Alt+Insert in the console menu, your machine will reboot and on reboot choose F2 again to get into the BIOS. In the BIOS choose the boot order option to have the CD before the hard drive.

To complete the full Ubuntu setup, follow our step by step tutorial on How to setup Ubuntu Linux