How to install VMWare PCI Compliance Checker tool

How to install VMWare PCI Complaince ToolIn this step by step article we will show you how to install and run VMWare's free PCI Compliance Checker tool, which will greatly help you in your PCI Compliance Audits. PCI stands for Payment Card Industry and if your business or workplace uses credit or debit card processing, either by cashiers, online on the web or using self serve kiosks then you must be PCI compliant and stick and adhere to security standards set up by the Payment Card Industry. PCI clompliance requires you maintain a secure network and store data securely. In addition to this, you must conduct regular tests to ensure there are no breaches.

This VMware tool does just that, it works seemlessly, it installs on a machine and then is run against the target machines or servers. A very easy report is presented in a web browser which needs no learning curve to understand. If deficiencies are found in the report, a hot link points you to a Knowledgebase that provides details and advice on it.

The System requirements as per VMWare for the PCI Compliance Checker tool are as follows:
    *  70 MB of available disk space
    * Microsoft .NET 2.0 SP 1 installed
      Download .NET Framework here
    * One of the following supported operating systems:
          o Windows XP SP2
          o Windows Vista - Business edition
          o Windows Server 2003 SP2 - Enterprise edition
          o Windows Server 2003 SP2 - Standard edition
    * Internet Explorer 7.0 or Firefox 2.x installed with the following options set:
          o JavaScript enabled
          o Security options set to allow active content to run in files on My Computer (Internet Explorer only). See Troubleshoot for more information.
    * Windows Installer 3.1 or higher. It can be obtained from

Here is how you can install the tool and run it step by step:

Download free Compliance Checker from