How to install VMWare tools in Ubuntu Linux

How to install VMWare tools on a Ubuntu Virtual MachineIn this tutorial, we will show you how to install VMWare tools in Ubuntu Linux which is running as a virtualized desktop (virtual machine) on VMWare server. VMWare tools, as you might be knowing, greatly enhance your GUI (Graphic Users Interface) experience, when running a virtual machine on VMWare server. If you have VMWare tools installed, you do not need to do a ctrl+alt combination to get control of your mouse or keyboard, it simply glides in and out of your virtual machine without doing that. Our setup involved Ubuntu Linux 9.5 running as a virtual machine on VMWare server 2.0. There are more than one way of installing VMWare tools in a virtual machine, we are taking you through the simplest and easiest method. We assume that you have your Ubuntu virtual machine up and running and that you have your virtual machine console window open.

Log on to your Ubuntu Virtual Desktop running on VMWare server

Logon to Ubuntu so you can see your desktop

On VMWare server inventory click on Ubuntu Virtual Machine

On the VMWare server, click on your Ubuntu Virtual machine in the inventory to select it

In the status section of the Virtual Machine click Install VMWare tools

In the status section of the virtual machine, click on Install VMWare tools

Click Install on VMWare tools popup

Click Install on VMWare Install popup screen

A Virtual CD ROM will be mounted and its contents displayed in File Browser

A virtual CD ROM will be installed and a File Browser window will automatically open inside your Ubuntu Desktop Virtual Machine, displaying its content