How to install VMWare tools in Ubuntu Linux

Copy the tar.gz file to the /tmp directory

Copy the .tar.gz file using the File Browser to /tmp directory

Open a terminal window

Open a terminal windows by clicking on Applications -> Terminal

Reset the password for the root user (SU)

On the command prompt enter the following commands one by one:
sudo passwd root
[sudo]password for koder: TypeYourPasswordForYourOwnAccountHere
Enter new password: TypeThePasswordOfTheRootUserYouWantHere
ReType new password: ReTypeThePasswordYouTypedForRootUserInPreviousStep
Passwd will be updated successfully
This exercise has just reset the password for the root (SU) user in Ubuntu Linux

Become root by doing SU

Become root by typing su and providing the root password you had reset it to in the previous step

CD to the /tmp directory

Change to the tmp directory by giving the command /tmp