How to install VMWare tools in Ubuntu Linux

Untar the vmware tools file

Give the command tar zxpf VMWareTools-7.7.6-203138.tar.gz
Note that the filename after the zxpf is the VMWare tools, the above command will extract the VMWare tools directory in the /tmp directory

CD into the vmware tools directory

CD into the VMWare tools directory by giving the command cd vmware-tools-distrib
You can now type ls to see the contents of the directory, it contains an installer script called

Run the VMWare tools install script

Run the VMWare tools script by giving the command ./

Answer the questions asked by the VMWare installer script

Answer the questions asked by the script, we recommend hitting Enter to accept the defaults

VMWare tools install script will now complete

After hitting enter for about 15 times, VMWare tools install will be complete. We do recommend accepting the defaults and keep hitting enter to accept the defaults

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