How to make a Wikipedia Screen Saver

A Wikipedia screen saver is a great alternative for traditional, default Windows screen savers. It provides information on a random topic by displaying different Wikipedia pages on the screen saver. The pages displayed on the Wikipedia Screen saver change at a predefined interval, specified by the user. In addition, the Wikipedia Screen saver can be configured to kill any running application or process. The Wikipedia screen saver is great for personal PCs as well as public facing machines such as interactive Kiosks. In this article we will explain how to make a Wikipedia screen saver step by step.

The requirements for the Wikipedia Screen saver are just the Windows operating system. It runs well on Windows XP however, with Windows Vista it has a bug that it would only run if the logged on user is an administrator. When configuring the Wikipedia Screen saver, it gives additional options of closing Internet Explorer and Firefox if they are running and it can also blank the screen completely. Lets get started!

- Download the Wikipedia Screensaver from its website


- Start the install, click ok on the agreement


- Choose Next with default settings and then next again


- Choose default programs folder location


- Choose default program group


- Choose close to finish install


- Click on Control Panel -> Display to bring up display properties
- Go to the Screen savers tab, choose the Wikipedia tab and then click on settings


- Configure the Wikipedia Screen Saver options here. You can choose how often to change a page, if you want it to stop after a certain time. You can also choose to kill Internet Explorer of Firefox if they are running or any other programs of your choice. Click save after specifying all the options


- You can click on preview to see how it looks. For the first time, give it ample time to show you the preview, it could take up to 1 minute or so for the page to load. If you get stuck with the page and can't get to your regular desktop hit Alt + F11 and you can get out of the full screen mode

- Hit Apply and then ok to keep your screen saver set