How to map a FTP drive in Windows

This article shows how you can map a drive from a Windows XP machine to your external FTP server using Windows Explorer, note that this does not provide you with a drive letter.

-  Open Windows Explorer (Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Windows Explorer)
-  Click on Tools -> Map Network Drive
-  Instead of providing a folder path, click on the link that says "Signup for online storage or connect to a Network Server"
- A "Add network place" wizard will pop up, click Next
- From the "Service Providers" option, choose "Choose another network location, Specify the address of the website, network location or FTP site", (for example. click next
- Provide the IP address or domain name of your FTP server, click next
- If your FTP server does not allow annonymous logons, uncheck the box that says "Log On Annonymously" and fill in a username, click next
- Provide a useful name to recognize this connection for next time onwards (for example, Test FTP), click next
- Click Finish to open this in "My Network Places"
- From now on you can access this drive from "My network places" on your computer