How to obtain information for a remote help session

How to obtain support details to help you connect to a remote computerIf you have offered computer help to remote users, be it be your corporate colleagues, business clients, family members or friends then you know that the first and foremost problem is to obtain details and information about the remote computer so you can connect to it. Sometimes, the process is very easy, however sometimes it can be complex due to the involvement of routers, firewalls and non tech savy users. In our article today, we will review a very simple and free utility that provides all the details you will need to connect to a remote computer

A web based tool from SupportInfo lets you all the details you might need from a remote machine. These include the IP address of the machine, its operating system, web browser, java script availability, cookie acceptance status, screen resolution, flash version and even flash version. The utility is completely free and all you have to do is ask the users to point their web browser to

Support Details options to email you details on remote computer settings including IP address and Operating system

To make things even easier, there is even a simple function available which lets the remote user send all the details to you from a web based form or export the settings to a CSV or PDF file (see screenshot above). Can you even imagine how much time and hassle it can save you if you are troubleshooting browser or other issues with a non tech savy user ? There are a lot of remote support tools that exist and you can use to provide remote help and support to users over the internet (one such free product we reviewed some time back was LogMeInExpress). is definitely a nifty utility that can help.

If you have come across other such free utilities that you use for obtaining information for providing remote technical support, then please do share those with us, we look forward to your comments & feedback.