How to open any file even one with an unknown file extension

Have you ever come across a file with an unknown file extension? You double click on a file and your system does not know how to open it, you try and choose from a big list of programs but they don't work either? Now you can open almost any file with any file extension with a free program that would open the file in its original format!
The website has almost every file extension documented and tells you what program is associated with the file type. Not only this, what’s really cool is that it would provide you with a list of FREE alternative programs to open the file with. For example, if you have .pps file which is a Microsoft Power Point show file, the desktop client from would tell you that it’s a PowerPoint file and if you have a program already installed on your machine to open the file. If you don't have a program open, it would present you with a list of free alternative programs that can view the file (such as Microsoft's free PowerPoint viewer or OpenOffice).

Another nice feature is when the list of programs is presented to the user, if the program is not installed, it has a one click download now link which allows them to download the required viewer. Detailed instructions on the's free Desktop tool are located at