How to overcome firewall restrictions and censorship using a Proxy

How to overcome firewall restrictions and censorship using a ProxyIn this article we will show you ho you can use anonymous proxies to overcome firewall restrictions and internet censorship. There are many advantages of using a proxy, cached information and speed is one of them where content is served to you from a server one hop away on your ISP rather than a website that might be located on the internet somewhere. With an anonymous proxy, you can bypass censorship and firewall restrictions for legitimate reasons, weather it be watching HULU outside the USA when traveling or posting on your blogs from countries that censor the internet or hiding your real IP address for security reasons

Advantages of using Annoymous Proxies:

For example, you can use a US proxy to get your subscription HULU content when you are traveling outside the US. You can overcome download restrictions if you are stuck, with fileserver or torrent hosts such as RapidShare which allow only one download per day for free accounts per IP address etc. Avoiding censorship by certain countries such as Chine and Iran is another prime example where anonymous proxies came into play. The possibilities are enormous. In this article we will show you how to use an anonymous proxy to overcome these limitation. Please also see the CONS of using an anonymous proxy described towards the end of this article

Step 1: Before making any changes make a note of what your public facing IP address is. You can do this by visiting , it will show you your IP address

Note Your IP address by going to WhatsISMyIP dot come to see what it is before we use proxy to circumvent firewall

Step 2: Go to and click on the link that says Free Proxy

Go to ProxyList dot org and click on Free Proxy Link

Step 3: Enter the Captcha verification text at the bottom of the page to validate you are not a bot

Enter the captcha verification code shown on the Free Proxy website

Step 4: From the list provided, look for an Annonymous proxy, indicated by the Type code "Anon". In our case we found one in Vietnam, with IP address of working on port 8080

Look for Annonymous Proxies indicated by Type Annon

Step 5: In Internet Explorer click on Tools then click on Options

In Internet Explorer click on Tools then Options