How to ping various search engines to re-index your website or blog

How to ping multiple search engines for re indexing your blogIf you write a blog and want to get its posts through to a good audience, you need to make sure that your Blog is well indexed with search engines. In this quick tip, we will quickly show you how you can PING various search engines, all at once to let them know that your blog has updated. Once you PING the search engines, they will come and crawl your blog, website or article to make sure its indexed. PINGING search engines is useful to send an"out of band" update to the search engines. Search Engines have a crawl frequency set for your website or blog, if you update content before their scheduled crawl day, you can PING them to tell that you have updated content that needs to be inexed.

One great online service that lets you send a PING to multiple search engines and specialized services is PINGOMATIC, located at . You can send PINGS to the most important search engines such as WebLogs, FeedBurner, my Yahoo, Google Blog Search, Post Rank, Techorati, News Gator etc. All you have to do is fill in your Blog Name, Blog Home Page and RSS URL. Once you hit the Send PINGS button, it will automatically send the PINGS to all those search engines. For a complete list of search engines that can be pinged using the PingoMatic service, visit

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How to Ping - A simple approach

Do It yourself approach to pinging google and bing and few other ways of submitting sitemap to all sear engines. You will not need any other tool now :)

I have used

I have used for years now and it works better than any others. Plus it's free and has about 100 search engines.

pingomatic vs pingler

what is the difference in pingomatic vs pingler

submitting with php

Here is a great tutorial to submit the sitemaps to search engins.

Ping Search Engines

I've used GooglePing for years now and it's very quick and effective if you want to ping search engines.

Excellent tip

Hello Koder, we know each other >:) I have seen this post with our network few weeks back. However just used the suggestion to ping different servers. When you get time, have a look at the home page. We are doing kinda lab tests with 7. regards,

Windows7bugs looks like a good site !

Hey Raj! Thanks for the comment. I had a look at your Windows7Bugs site done with wordpress. It looked good, so are you the owner ? I read and went over a couple of articles, they looked good.

So were you able to modify this to ping the servers ? Pinging as in TCP-IP Pinging and Pinging the search engines are two very different things though.

Good luck with your website! :-)


Hi Koder Clearly! When I meant network, I mean our ahum MSN network. Ye, we are maintaining the blog, as you would see now, the maximum hits we received were for Oracle related topics. Considering to extend the blog with Oracle APPS related articles. Right now, totally engaged with other activities. regards,