How to power a pair of clustered filers off and on

The following procedure describes how to power a pair of clustered filers on and off. In this example we would assume that there are two filers, filer1 and filer2 in a clustered configuration.


-   First recommended step is that you call NetApp or use the Now site to create a case to tell them that you are going to have a scheduled outage. You might need your Filer serial numbers handy, you can get those by giving the sysconfig command or by going to FilerView and clicking on Status

-    Make sure client applications are terminated before your powerdown

-   Terminate CIFS by doing “CIFS terminate” on each file

-    Disable the cluster by typing “cf disable” on either Filer1 or Filer2

-    Type “cf status” on either filer1 or filer2 to see if clustering is disabled

-    Halt each filer by giving the “halt” command
-   Do a graceful shutdown by first powering down the head and then attached disk shelves

-     At Power up power up both nodes, while powering on do a decent powerup by first powering on the Disk shelves waiting 30 seconds and then powering up the filer heads

-    Enable Clustering again by giving the command “cf enable” from either of the filers

-    Check Clustering status from either of the filers by giving the “cf status” command