How to run Google's Chrome OS as a Virtual Machine on VMWare server

Browse to your expanded virtual disk

Step 9:

- Browse to where you saved your expanded hard disk in previous step, click next


Virtual Device node to be set as IDE 0

Step 10:

- Choose Virtual Device node to IDE0 from SCSI and choose next


Add Virtual Network Adapter

Step 11:

-  Choose Add a Network Adapter


Choose Bridged and Connect At power on

Step 12:

- Choose Bridged and Connect at Power On Options, click next


Choose not to add DVD

Step 13:

- Choose Don't add CD DVD Drive


Dont add floppy drive

Step 14:

- Choose Don't add a Floppy Drive


Dont Add USB Controller

Step 15:

- Choose Don't add a USB Controller


Verify your settings and click Finish

Step 16:

- Verify your settings and Click Finish to Complete

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