How to run Google's Chrome OS as a Virtual Machine on VMWare server

Click on Chrome OS VM in Inventory and hit play

Step 17:

- Click on Chrome OS VM in Inventory list and hit the green play button to start it


Click on the Console Tab and then click in it to bring up your VM in a Console

Step 18:

- Click on the Console tab and then click inside the console screen to bring up your machine in a console window


provide log on credentials

Step 19:

- Provide chronos as the username and a blank password to log on

That's it,  you are now logged on to Google's Chromium OS virtual machine. The virtualization is now complete. Keep in mind that this is stll pre beta, so you will still have some problems that might need ironing out, ask around, post your comments to the forums and we will be glad to help as well. Hope you will have fun playing with the new Chromium OS virtual machine :)

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