How to setup time synch on clustered NetApp Filers

Lets assume you have two clustered filers named filer1 and filer2 and you want to setup a time sync on them so that they sync to an external time server. The following procedure details how to do this and in this example we are using time servers and

- Connect using the console session to either of the filers and give the “CF Disable” command to disable the cluster - Go to Filer1 and give the following command “options timed.servers,” here these are the NTP time servers
-   Go to Filer2’s console and give the following command, make sure you use the same NTP servers as Filer1 in previous step “options timed.servers,”

-   Give the “date” command on each of the filers to see the time. Time synchronization with ntp servers might not have happened yet, this depends on the “options timed.sched” value, by default it happens every hour

-   Also check on each filer that “options.timed.proto” is set to ntp (network time protocol) and not rtc (real time clock). If it is not set to ntp, simply set it to ntp on each filer by using the command “options.timed.proto ntp”

-   Give the “cf enable” command on either filer to re enable clustering

-   Check time on each filer with the date command again



Hi Koder, Thanks for the information provided. Rgds Arrows