How to setup Ubuntu linux, step by step tutorial

How to setup Ubuntu Linux 9.10Linux desktop computing is clearly becoming a great alternative to popular but expensive Microsoft Windows based operating systems. If you are willing to give Linux a try and see how easy and productive it is, this article might be of significant help to you, as we will show you how to install Linux Ubuntu 9.1 Desktop in under 20 minutes, step by step. Our setup involves the latest Ubuntu release 9.10 (Ubuntu by the way is the most popular distribution or flavor of Liunx). There are other distributions such as SUSE from Novell and Fedora from Redhat, however we are just demonstrating the Ubuntu install, which is the best by far for every user from Novice to Expert!

Lets get started:

Make sure your machine's boot order is setup to boot from CD/DVD first

Make ure the boot order in your BIOS is set to boot from CD first

Go to Ubuntu's website and download a CD image from . Burni the image to a cd to use as an install disk. If you need to know how to burn an iso image to a CD, follow our article on how to burn iso images to CD using CD Burner XP. Put the Ubuntu setup DVD in your DVD Rom and start your machine, the setup spalsh screen will come up, choose the option to install Ubuntu

Choose to install Ubuntu from the splash menu

Wait while setup loads, you will arrive at the Welcome Screen, choose your language as English and click Forward

Choose English as language and click Next

Choose your region and time zone information and click Forward