How to show sent and received bytes in Windows 7

Windows 7  Command Line Interface showing bytes sent and receivedHave you ever tried to find out the amount of bytes that have been sent and received on your Windows 7 system ? This could come in real handy in Windows systems administration or network administration too. Back in Windows Vista or Windows XP world, it use to be as easy as double clicking on the Network icon that showed up in your system tray next to the clock on the bottom right hand side. Double clicking on that icon will show you total number of bytes sent and received, as well as thesystem uptime.  This icon does not appear in the system tray anymore starting with Windows 7, it has been replaced by another icon which takes you to your "Network and Sharing Center" which does not have the stats for the amount of sent and received bytes or the uptime. In our quick tip today, we will show you how to find the sent and received bytes and system up time on a Windows 7 machine, as well as any other version of Windows!

This is a simple command line trick. Follow the following procedure on a Windows 7 machine to find out the amount of bytes sent and received as well as the systems uptime, along with some other handy stats:

1. Click on the Start button, and then in the "Search program and files box" type in CMD and hit enter, this will bring up a black command line window

2. Type in the following command exactly without the quotes and hit enter
"net statistics workstation" and it will out put all the information you need. Following is a sample: (you can also click on the thumbnail image above to see a screen shot)

Command Line Output in Windows Seven showing total number of bytes sent and recieved

Statistics since 1/22/2010 3:03:56 AM

  Bytes received                               9384406
  Server Message Blocks (SMBs) received        38398
  Bytes transmitted                            5154471
  Server Message Blocks (SMBs) transmitted     37973
  Read operations                              819
  Write operations                             266
  Raw reads denied                             0
  Raw writes denied                            0

  Network errors                               0
  Connections made                             18
  Reconnections made                           0
  Server disconnects                           16

  Sessions started                             0
  Hung sessions                                0
  Failed sessions                              0
  Failed operations                            0
  Use count                                    389
  Failed use count                             319


Hope that will make it easier for you in the future :-)

net statistics doesn’t do what I want

In Win XP system tray a network icon, when hovered or clicked, displayed not only the current amount of data sent over the internet but also gave a real-time display of the amount of traffic. This was very handy, because on a couple of occasions I was hit by malware that opted my machine to some botnet, and as a result 1) my machine became a spam server, 2) I ended up on a lot of email blacklists, and 3) my internet h.)usage bill was much higher. (I have to pay for bandwidth.)

I was able to detect this bot because my machine was sending lots of traffic, even though I was not surfing.

A. The net command you suggested is NOT REAL-TIME, and
B. It doesn’t show the internet traffic for this computer
-- only the LAN, which is not connected!


I’m unning Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit on my HP Pavilion 15 Model E014TX, for which I couldn’t find drivers, and couldn’t load Win XP Pro.

Thanks, sadhu!