How to slipstream your Windows installation using nLite

Step 9:

- Click Next on the presets screen, since we do not have any previous settings to load


Step 10:

- Next on the task selection screen, choose what all would you like nLite to perform. I chose to integrate service packs and hot fixes, remove unnecessary components, some tweaks and to make a bootable iso cd image


Step 11:

- You would need to download the service pack for your Windows installation (XP, 2000 0r 2003) and point nLite to its location. Note that you only need to download the most recent service pack (eg; SP3 for XP) because it supercedes any previous service packs


Step 12:

- nLite will now apply the service pack to your target package and confirm when its done


Step 13:

- Go ahead and choose the Service Pack shown for integration


Step 14:

- If you had any Hot fixes or add-ons downloaded, you can use this screen to integrate that into Windows, simply point to the downloaded location of those hot fixes on your machine. You can choose the up and down arrows to change their order of execution priority


Step 15:

- Choose the functionality you absolutely need in your Windows installation, this prevents components that allow this functionality to be removed accidentally


Step 16:

- On this screen, choose the components that you want to remove, for example if you did not want the default Games that come with Windows XP to be installed etc.