How to slipstream your Windows installation using nLite


Step 17:

- Here you can choose some of the most useful System options for your CD, such as do you want "press any key to boot from cd" message to be displayed, choose the background that Windows XP Setup uses etc. If you are not sure what a item means here, you can highlight each item and read its description below. Do not click next yet, see next step for selecting your patches


Step 18:

- On the patches tab for system options, you can choose to change some default behavioral things for Windows XP such as themes and maximum TCP IP connection limited. The only thing I recommend changing here is the default TCP IP connection limit, which by default is 10, I recommend increasing it to 50 - 100, this will allow more than 10 inbound tcp-ip connections to Windows XP at the same time


Step 19:

- You can enable some tweaks here, such as you want Num Lock to turn on automatically when Windows boots, you want ctrl+alt+del to be pressed before logging on, the logon page style to be Classic or a Welcome Screen etc


Step 20:

- Here you can enable or disable behavior of services in Windows XP, weather you want them to automatically start, manually start or have them disabled. I chose automatic updates to be off.


Step 21:

- Press Yes for the process to start


Step 22:

- Once finished it will tell you what your finished size of your installation is (depending on what you enabled or disabled in your setup), my size came out to be approximately 630 Megabytes


Step 23:

- On this screen, you can specify and customize your .iso image which you can burn later to a CD. You can specify things such as the name of the CD etc. Instead of creating an iso file, you can directly create and burn the cd as well. nLite also provides you the option to include additional files in your CD.


Step 24:

- Once complete, it will show you that its done creating the iso file and will also display the location where it stored the iso file.


Step 25:

- Click Finish to finish the slipstreaming process!


That's it, now you have a fully customized and up to date CD of your Windows installation.